The Yarra’s ‘Invasion’ Of The Blobs

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There’s even more reason to visit SEALIFE Melbourne, on the banks on the Yarra, this summer. 

Apart from the usual enthralling undersea displays, plus the always delightful living exhibition of giant penguins, there’s a new exhibition that takes you into the mysteriously fascinating world of jellyfish.  

Ocean Invaders features three interactive zones pulsing with multiple species of stunning jellyfish.

This sensory experience is spread over more than 300 square metres and will captivate guests with enormous displays of jellyfish, interactive activities, incredible lighting installations and educational facts about the gelatinous sea creatures.

Guests are immersed in the beauty of a jellyfish invasion as they are surrounded by thousands of mesmerising creatures and spectacular lighting projections across multiple displays, including an amazing spherical globe filled with swarming jellyfish.   

The journey continues to The Jelly Lab where guests can discover strange facts about the jellyfish lifecycle and take a peek behind the scenes as SEA LIFE Melbourne staff tend to the blooms of these graceful (and sometimes dangerous) sea creatures.

In the third zone you can escape the invasion by crawling through an amazing cylindrical tank filled with oscillating jellyfish.

What an experience to come face to face with such amazing and beautiful creatures, in perfect safety and comfort

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